Canal Number One businessman robbed of over $2M in cash

The Police said they are investigating the armed robbery of a Canal Number One, West Bank Demerara businessman and his domestic worker on Monday.

According to the Police, 64-year-old Narinedeo Jairam and 48-year-old, Kristamattie called Devi were attacked and robbed by four identifiable men. Investigators said the men were of East Indian descent and one of them was armed with a handgun.

Reports are that Jairam had just returned home after doing business at a popular hardware store on the West Bank of Demerara and was having breakfast in a hammock when the four men entered his yard. The men’s faces were covered with rags.

The men then approached Jairam and dealt him one blow to his left side forehead with the gun. The bleeding victim was then sat on by one of the bandits while another grabbed Kristamattie and dealt her several blows about her body. The men demanded the keys for the house which they used to gain access.

They cared off with $2.2 million in cash from the house. Jairam’s son who was making his way into the yard at the time was also apprehended by the men and relieved of $200,000 cash.

The men then made good their escape in a waiting white motor car in an eastern direction. The victim and the domestic worker were both treated at the Canal Health Center for injuries received and sent away.

Investigations are continuing.