Granger, indecent, dishonest, no integrity, is the head of the rigging cabal

There is an indecent, dishonest man, totally lacking integrity. Make no mistake, David Granger is the head of the rigging cabal. He tried giving the mistaken impression he knew nothing about the rejection of the Carter Center’s request for one of its observers to travel to Guyana in time to observe the recount, which started on May 5. As it turns out, Granger himself instructed the Carter Center must be denied approval to travel to Guyana. Karen Cummings, still squatting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as the illegal Minister of Foreign Affairs, confirmed that David Granger is the one who gave the instruction. Her confession is in a letter she sent to the US Ambassador informing her the Carter Center cannot come at this time because Granger said so.
Guyana found out Granger was the one all along responsible for the banning of the Carter Center through a leaked letter. The sycophants have already bombarded social media with lies and allegations that the letter was leaked to the media by someone in the US Embassy. They totally ignored the possibility that the letter could have been leaked from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs itself. Indeed, Karen Cummings might very well want to ensure it is known she is just a messenger. Recall her infamous threats to the international observers, including the former Prime Minister of Barbados, the Honourable Owen Arthur. Before she left that ill-fated meeting, she threw Granger and her superiors under the bus when she told the observers she did not want to issue any threats, but she was told to do so. There is, therefore, every reason to be suspicious the letter was leaked to show that it was not her who was responsible for banning the Carter Center, but it was Granger himself.
It was the second time in a week that Granger was thrown under the bus. Last week, Khemraj Ramjattan, another squatter, who illegally is holding on as the Minister of Public Security, confessed the decision to prohibit the Carter Center from travelling to Guyana was made “above his pay grade”. In pulling himself out of the Carter Center banning debacle, Ramjattan refused to take the fall for Granger.
In damage-control mode, Joe Harmon, two days after Ramjattan’s brutal confession, tried shielding Granger, announcing the Carter Center could reapply for permission to come to Guyana, “following proper protocol”. He spun the blame to the Carter Center for the debacle, implying the Carter Center applied at the last minute for approval from the wrong person. But the application was made several days before a scheduled flight from Miami, not “last minute”. The application was made in accordance with protocol through the diplomatic channels, confirmed through an official letter from Foreign Affairs.
Guyanese found out about the Carter Center’s difficulties through a Twitter message from the Carter Center indicating they are patiently waiting for approval to travel to Guyana and hoped to get on the flight on May 4 from Miami. That Twitter message became public on March 30. Even then, it was not “last minute”. The Guyana Government could have responded by doing whatever was needed to resolve the issue. Instead, there was total, deafening silence. It was not until Ramjattan confessed on May 7 that the silence was broken. Various spin, shifting narratives have been put on the Carter Center’s banning. Ramjattan, defensively hid behind the “above my pay grade” excuse. Harmon tried putting distance between Granger and the obscene denial of the Carter Center’s right to observe the recount. Now Cummings has admitted it was Granger.
Granger was and is still silent on the matter, even though for more than a week before the recount started on May 5, various people, including the ABCE countries, the UN and the OAS directly requested him to intervene. He showed a total disregard for the Guyanese people and for countries that have been Guyana’s friends and major donors helping Guyana remove itself from bankruptcy and restoring democracy in 1992. Granger dishonestly, by his toxic silence, allowed Nagamootoo and Harmon to take the blame and cast blame on the US Ambassador for a “last-minute” request. He displayed dishonesty and indecency, a total lack of integrity, in personally rejecting the Carter Center, as Cummings confessed, and stayed in hiding, leaving his underlings to take the fall.
At the same time, he promised he will accept the results of the recount, that he was fully supportive of the recount, that he wanted a fully transparent recount. Yet he has essentially banned international observers because none of the observers who were forced to leave Guyana could come back to observe the recount, not because they do not want to come, but because they require permission from the Government. As the recount slowly drags on, his underlings are creating maximum obstruction and casting unsubstantiated aspersions on the electoral process. David Granger is optimally displaying his indecency, dishonesty and lack of integrity. He is the head of the rigging cabal.