…COVID-19 coughs
Here they go again…another day of counting…another delay inflicted on the nation by the PNC. They’re really insulting the intelligence of the Guyanese people by being so unimaginative about the ploys they are deploying. One of their counting agents coughing?? Really?? Everybody and their uncle figured they’d be using this to have doctors screen the entire team and even be tested. Eats up time and shakes up the rest of the team. The only surprise: they waited till Day 7!!
But the PNC doesn’t really care whether anybody believes them or not, do they? They know their supporters will lap up anything they spew out – and of course, further the divisions in the country, which is what they aim for. Imagine they changed the rhetoric from “we won the elections” but wouldn’t show their SoPs to prove this – and not one of their supporters have called them out!! That’s blind loyalty to you!! And it’s perpetuated by persuading their supporters that the PPP threatens their very existence. The PNC can only survive in a nation divided where their brand of scorched-earth politics finds fecund ground to flourish. Think about it.
The moment the PNC and Burnham started rigging in 1968, they knew they’d be allowed to get away with it domestically ‘cause they’d persuaded their constituency that D’Aguiar and his UF had treated them like dirt and looked down upon them. At one point in negotiating the coalition between the parties, Burnham accused D’Aguiar of treating African Guyanese like “used sweet drinks bottles” from his assembly lines!! All because D’Aguiar – who’d been made Minister of Finance in the coalition – said that Burnham’s socialist ideas would lead Guyana to the road of ruination. The man was a prophet!!
He continued to rig until the 1980s because he’d then explained to his supporters that Jagan and the PPP would only favour HIS people and return THEM to the days of slavery. The PPP, of course, never got a chance to rule till 1992, but by then, the damage had been done. Imagine at that time, the entire country had been ruined economically (just above Haiti); socially (rats nibbling babies’ toes at GPHC); and politically (opposition leaders like Rodney assassinated).  Yet, in the 1992 elections, the PNC received the same percentage of the votes they’d received in 1964 from the African Guyanese constituency!!
But the PNC game is over: “this time na lang time”! The fact they’re rigging the elections to cling on to power means the PPP won. And they could’ve only won if they attracted a significant number of “cross-over” African Guyanese votes, since their constituency is below 35 per cent.
Their shrunken base will soon abandon them.

…COVID-19 powers
Your Eyewitness hopes those who figured there was some kinda split in the PNC between Granger and Harmon now realise they were just whistling in the wind. Sure Granger might’ve been pi55ed Harmon didn’t vet the dossier to the Washington lobbyists, which listed him as a “US Citizen”!! But Harmon would’ve pleaded he’s stretched thin what being Director of the MotP and heading the campaign to turn back the PPP’s tsunami of votes in the election!!
Harmon’s transfer to be CEO of the NCTF wasn’t any kind of “demotion” – it was a PROMOTION since that office now has ABSOLUTE power over all institutions of the Guyanese state. Harmon is the most powerful man in Guyana today. And he just showed us a glimpse of what he could do by declaring he’s contemplating a complete shutdown across the country – citing the rising numbers of folks testing positive for COVID-19.
That his government hasn’t followed strict testing, tracing and isolation guidelines to create the uptick doesn’t matter!!
We could be under de facto martial law soon!

GECOM decided not to give the domestic and overseas observers copies of the Statements of Recount – as they’d done in the beginning.
This is simply spitefulness – since the observers will get the SoRs from any number of parties.