Groupings …and realignments 

If you had any doubts that we’re heading into a whole new world, you just gotta look at all the new groupings that are being formed across the globe!! Right off the bat, there’s BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – who’re walking the talk on expanding their cozy little club. As of Jan 1, Saudia Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Iran and Ethiopia joined the club!! While the original members were all buoyant “emerging” economies at the launch (2001), your Eyewitness has a sneaking suspicion that the intriguing acronym of “BRIC” – South Africa was added later in 2010 –  coined by a financial analyst from Goldman Sachs, got them together!! Talk about the naming of a thing creating it!! But your Eyewitness is still figuring out Ethiopia’s place in this new block that’s supposed to be challenging the US hegemony!!
Then there’s the Commonwealth – actually the BRITISH Commonwealth, thank you! – that’s been around for a while, having been formed back in 1931. Back then, “Britannica ruled the waves” and, not coincidentally, “the sun never set on the British Empire”. One wag had noted that if the sun did set, imagine the looting that would’ve happened THEN, if could’ve raped so many for so long in broad daylight!! Anyhow, as Britain’s star faded post-WWII, the Commonwealth became their last hope of being something other than the US’ junior sidekick!! So, they’ve expanded, and have three new members – Rwanda, Gabon and Togo from Africa!!
Then, of course, there’s G7 – the “top” industrial nations of the US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Japan and the EU – which isn’t a “nation”, but a continent!! It used to be G8 up to 2014, but Russia was thrown out after it invaded and annexed Crimea. Sounds familiar?? Well, it should, since it’s pretty much this group that’s taken on Russia after it invaded Ukraine!! Never mind who poked who first!! They’ve also gone on a recruitment drive, and their last summit had Argentina, Indonesia, India, South Africa and Senegal as “partner nations” at the summit. Senegal, you exclaimed, dear reader? Yep!! You heard that right!!
So, does the African Union count in the grand scheme of things? Africa meets all the criteria for being critical in any new global order, doesn’t it? First, there’s all its unpatrolled natural resources that have every other wannabe global power salivating!! Then it has the youngest population, that’s gonna be working when today’s big ones are all doddering geriatrics!! And Africa’s created its own ExImp bank to spur trade!! Also, in terms of expanding, the AU’s made the bold declaration that the entire African Diaspora is their Region!!
Now, if only they can figure out how to work those numbers…

…Dead Meat?
Well, what’d ya know…the AFC has made a decision on its own!! We can’t be completely sure, but there it was: AFC boss Ramjattan announcing that Opposition Leader Norton can’t decide whether or not the AFC would coalesce with the APNU!! But didn’t they go on their own back in 2023 – when the Cummingsburg Accord expired. So how come they’re now joined at the hip again?? And Norton decided which AFC MP was to be reshuffled, no?!!
But your Eyewitness wants to know why Ramjattan allowed his party to be used as a doormat for Granger? Why Moses accepted emasculation of the Prime Ministership powers that the Constitution guaranteed him? Or what’s the scoop on Trotman and the Oil Contract?? And what about those Russian spies?? Will we ever know how they were going to rig the elections?
Ramjattan owes us answers, because by his actions he destroyed Third Force politics for another generation!!
Spilling his guts might just help get rid of that Dead Meat stench!!

…Quatari hotels
Ramjattan’s also miffed that the Government decided to allocate some acreage at Thomas Lands – used by NIS and GNS – to a hotel. If the original transfer allowed usage to be changed from recreation to education, why not to entertainment??