GTUC mourns

Dear Editor,
The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) mourns the passing of a trade union stalwart, Bro Andrew Garnett.
Bro Garnett served as President of the Guyana Local Government Officers Union (GLGOU) and Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) and gave yeoman service to the trade union community. He also served as the Congress’ Principal Assistant Secretary.
As GTUC reflects on Bro. Garnett’s numerous contributions to the trade union movement, we particularly remember his leading role in developing policies and programmes on Occupational Safety and Health, and HIV/AIDS.
Bro. Garnett, who came out of the public health field, worked with the Caribbean Congress of Labour and the Commonwealth Trade Union Congress in developing a Safety Manual for trade unions in the Caribbean.
He served as Founder Member and Chairman of the National Committee on Occupational Safety and Health.
Bro. Garnett also served as a member of the Administrative Committee on the Caribbean Congress of Labour and represented the trade unions as a member of the Guyana Local Government Commission
GTUC also recalls Bro. Garnett’s passion for workers’ rights and access to education. These were evident in him making himself available to lecture on the Industrial Relations programmes at the Critchlow Labour College, his work in organising workshops for cadres in the trade union movement, leading team on negotiating Collective Bargaining Agreements, etc.
Bro Garnett, who left this earthly plane last week, will forever be cherished and his contributions to the working class are never forgotten. He has left a legacy the trade union movement is proud of.
The GTUC and GLGOU will host a Night of Reflection on Thursday, June 29, 2023, at the Critchlow Labour College from 19:00h.
GTUC extends heartfelt condolences to Bro. Garnett’s wife, children and other loved ones. May Bro. Andrew Garnett’s soul rests in eternal peace.