Guyana Golf Association hands over cheque to Cancer Institute

As Cancer Awareness Month comes to an end, the Guyana Cancer Institute received a cheque from the Guyana Golf Association and Nexgen Golf Academy to help in the fight against a disease that affects so many of our families and friends.

Winner of the Women’s Amateur division Leota King, Sam Hinds, Ms. Harry, Marcus Hinds Jr., Aleem Hussain and Niketa

This was as a result of the event held at the Nexgen Golf Academy & Driving Range over the past week in an effort to raise funds and awareness.
With the participation of local and Guyanese-Canadian players, the LGC and GGA golfers have, since 2017, been supporting the efforts of the Cancer Institute; and plan to continue the efforts to use the sport to bring awareness of the dreaded disease and to raise funds to fight it.
On hand for the presentation of the cheque to Ms. Harry of the Cancer Institute was former President and Prime Minister Sam Hinds, who said he is pleased to be part of both the golf event and the fight against cancer.
“I have always been a strong advocate of the search for a cure, and am happy to see that this young organisation has stepped up to play a role in this particular issue. Both myself and young Marcus participated in the event, but unfortunately (we) did not win,” the former PM said.
Ms. Harry thanked the organization, and especially the players and companies that participated to make the event a success.
“We understand that it was a challenge to organise a COVID-compliant event, and are grateful to all those who took part and contributed in whatever manner to our ongoing efforts to win our battle against cancer,” she said.
The contribution to the Guyana Cancer Institute was made possible by the joint efforts of: CIMGRO Maraiko Bay Golf Resort; Trophy Stall; Assuria General; Sissons Paints; AR Printery; Survival Shopping Complex; Guyana Beverages; Vivaanta Spa & Salon, through the Nexgen Golf Academy & Driving Range.
Guyanese have, in many ways, been prepared for their current fight against the COVID-19 virus by their constant battle against cancer.
“You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live,” said Stuart Scott. “And we have to adopt a similar attitude to our current health crisis.
Recently, Sports Minister Charles Ramson Jr said in a meeting with GGA President Aleem Hussain that we must learn to live with COVID and figure out a way to move forward in a manner that allows us to continue our lives without fear.
“We should plan for the worst, pray for the best, and always live for the moment, because the memories we create are all that we leave behind,” said Hussain.
Former PM Hinds, who recently was introduced to the game by GGA President Aleem Hussain, is now using the sport as a way of bonding with his young grandson, Samuel Marcus Hinds Jr, as well as getting regular exercise several times weekly.
“This is an opportunity for everyone of all ages to participate in a physical activity that is COVID-19- compliant and helps to relieve stress and improve concentration. I wish that I could have started years ago!” said the former President/Prime Minister.