Guyanese man killed in Suriname for stealing cheese

A Guyanese man, whose name has not yet been revealed by Surinamese authorities, was killed on Thursday evening at the Weg naar Maretraite in Suriname after he allegedly stole a packet of cheese from a Chinese national.
According to the Waterkant news, after the theft of the cheese was discovered, the man was taken hostage by a 32-year-old Chinese shopkeeper. The victim had put the stolen cheese in a container of his scooter, and two workers are said to have helped the shopkeeper to tie the victim’s hands and feet in the store with tape and tie wraps.

The Guyanese man lying at the scene of the incident in Suriname

“According to eyewitnesses, the victim was then dragged to the store’s warehouse and severely beaten by the storekeeper. The case is said to have occurred around 8p.m on Thursday. After nearly four hours, the victim was found by bystanders across the street from the supermarket,” the Waterkant news agency reported.
It was also reported by Waterkant news agency that eyewitnesses said the victim was dragged across the supermarket by the shopkeeper. The Police were called in, and they launched an investigation. When cops arrived on the scene, the victim’s body was lying at the scene with a scooter helmet. The helmet was found with blood, but there was no trace of the scooter.
The store owner was arrested by Police, and remains in custody as investigation continues. Two employees of the supermarket are also being sought by the Police. (G9)