“Hard ears”…

…on COVID-19
If you look at the RATE of infections and deaths from the first COVID-19 case and death in March 2020 – a visitor from NYC – you’d see it continuously zooming upwards. May saw 99 deaths, bringing the total to 400! More than an average of THREE per day!! Imagine a Guyanese dying every eight hours somewhere in our country – for thirty days!! If these were road accidents, we’d be screaming bloody murder for somebody’s head to be delivered on a platter! But yet so many of us seem not to care!
Yes…there are the usual platitudes bemoaning another death – especially when it’s someone we know personally or a public person. But you know who’s responsible for these deaths? All of us – including some who perished! As your Eyewitness has been screaming for over a year, COVID-19 is caused by a virus. Viruses can be spread only through us breathing into each other’s private spaces. So, if we wear masks, don’t shake hands, make other physical contact, and wash our hands after touching surfaces, we can’t get the disease!!
But we “hard ears” …that’s what we are! Do we really need Policemen to arrest us before we appreciate that we shouldn’t be partying cheek by jowl? Or, more accurately nowadays, grinding and wining? Fact of the matter is, if viruses don’t enter another human being, they eventually disintegrate!! That’s it! Kaput!! As we learnt in primary school, a virus isn’t really a “living organism”. They can’t generate energy, they don’t grow, they don’t produce waste, and they don’t respond to stimuli. Most pertinently, they CAN’T reproduce by themselves, and can do so only by invading living cells!!
By going around unprotected, we’re providing the environment for the virus to keep on multiplying. Not only that, but when they enter our cells, they can use some the latter’s components to mutate! And develop more dangerous strains – like the ones from Brazil that definitely have crossed over inside careless folks coming into Guyana.
Now the second flaunting of our “hard ears” is the refusal of many to become vaccinated. Surprisingly, most of these are the fairly young, who’re plugged into social media, over which all sorts of incredible scare stories about the vaccines are circulating. Can you believe that some actually believe that taking the vaccine will kill off certain ethnic groups? Or will make them sterile? Or – amazingly – will inject them with 5G!!?
Now you may say where’s the Government in all of this? But they are doing a good job with the vaccination drive, aren’t they? No one’s been turned away from first shots, and no one has missed their second shots within the approved time slot.
Wise up!

Old people say, “Who na hear, guh feel!” But even though the PNC is led by a card-carrying “old person”, they’ve remained obdurately “hard ears” about politics in Guyana. After all, another wise saying is “You cyaan teach an old dog new tricks!” So, the PNC’s “feeling” the effects of its misguided policies and actions after its latest 5 years of holding the rudder of state.
The premise of democratic politics is to get enough people to vote for your party to give you over 50% of the vote. OK so far? So, if you’re operating in a country where folks have been voting along ethnic lines even before independence, and your ethnic group doesn’t reach 50%, what do you do? Reach across to some other ethnic groups to get them to vote for you, right?
So why in God’s name would the PNC prove that theory by gaining enough Indian votes to get into office in 2015 – and then ALIENATE THEM??
Old habits, or death wish??

…and floods
How many times must your Eye-witness say, “Don’t drop your garbage ova heah!”? How many times must he tell you to stop filling up your drains and canals? The answer, my friend, is floatin’ in the flood. The answer is floatin’ in the flood!