Haresh Singh murder: Police probing claims of live streaming of PME by Attorney

…but no evidence on his FB page found – source

In light of new claims that Attorney-at-Law Patrice Henry had live-streamed the post-mortem done on the bodies of Isaiah Henry and Joel Henry on September 9, 2020, the Police are trying to verify this new piece of information.

Murder accused: Gladston Henry, also called “Gladwin Henry”

Attorney Nigel Hughes is presently representing Gladston Henry also called “Gladwin Henry” – brother of slain teen, Isaiah Henry.
Gladston Henry has been charged along with three others and remanded for the murder of 17-year-old Haresh Singh, whose battered body was found on the same day of the post-mortem of his brother Isaiah Henry.
Hughes has contended that on the September 9, 2020, his client was at a relative’s home viewing the live stream of the post-mortem.
But according to the Police, a live-stream of a post-mortem was never done in the past due to the nature of the exercise. However, Guyana Times understands that permission was granted for a recording to be done by family members who were present but not live-streamed.

Murdered: Haresh Singh

“At no point in time, was a live stream done… there were a lot of people at the post-mortem who had their phone out but, I couldn’t recall anyone going live on social media,” a source close to the investigation told this newspaper. The source added that going live would have been too graphic to be on social media.
Nevertheless, the Police have checked the attorney’s social media account for any evidence of him going live on September 9, 2020, but none was reportedly found.
“If Mr Henry went live, everyone who knows about social media, will know that the live feed will remain on the page…the Police are investigating all possible leads with respect to the live stream,” the source added.
In addition, Hughes also told the Director of Public Prosecutions that Inspector Rodwell Sarrabo was at the Henry’s at No 3 Village in the presence of the murder suspect, who along with 10 others were allegedly looking at the post-mortem.
Calls by this publication to Attorney Patrice Henry on Monday went unanswered.

2 places at the same time theory

Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes

In fact, the Police source recalled that the Inspector visited the home of Isaiah Henry on September 9, 2020, with a team of Police Officers to collect several relatives including the father of Isaiah Henry and the brother of Joel Henry to take them to Georgetown to witness the post-mortem.
On their way to the city under Police escort, the entourage was blocked but the relatives of the slain Henry cousins exited the vehicle and spoke with the protesters who let them through. Guyana Times understands that Police collected the relatives at about 05:00h and they arrived at the Memorial Gardens two hours later.
The post-mortem got underway until after 08:00h on September 9, 2020. The Police source noted that Inspector Sarrabo could not have been in two places at the same time. “He was at the Memorial Gardens all the time… the only time he was in Berbice on September 9, 2020, was to collect the relatives.”

‘Alibi’ witnesses
Following the claims made by Hughes, who presented a number of persons as alibi for Gladston Henry’s whereabouts on the day Haresh Singh was murdered, the Police have arrested and questioned them for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Attorney-at-Law Patrice Henry

It was reported that alibi witnesses were subjected to a video interview after which they were released on bail. The matter is still under investigation.
The action of the Police came after the GPF found that the alibis provided by the alleged witnesses were investigated and found to be unverified.
Police noted that during investigations into the murder of Singh, Gladston Henry called “Gladwin Henry”, while in Police custody, exercised his right to remain silent. “At no time did he inform any of the investigators that he was elsewhere during the time of the murder and that he had an alibi. It was subsequent to the interviews that his Attorney Nigel Hughes informed investigators that Henry had an alibi and that there were witnesses.”
“Contrary to allegations…inferring that the GPF is either not disposed to or capable of conducting a fair or reliable investigation based on forensic evidence into either the murder of Haresh Singh or the murders of Isaiah and Joel Henry, the GPF pellucidly states that the investigations into these crimes were meticulously and assiduously conducted with efficiency and professionalism and charges were preferred after the requisite legal advice was sought and obtained,” the Police said in a statement.
The battered body of Singh was found on a dam along No 3 Village. After months of investigations, the Police had arrested three men – Phillip Anderson, Joel Gittens and Charles Scott. During interrogation, Anderson reportedly admitted that he was involved in the plot to kill Singh and implicated Gladston Henry.
Anderson claimed that the teenager was attacked, pulled off his motorcycle and lashed to the head. The main instigator, he added, was Henry, who was bent on getting justice for his brother, Isaiah Henry.
After the confession, the Police had issued a wanted bulletin for Henry’s arrest but within a few hours, he turned himself in with his attorney, Nigel Hughes. The four men were subsequently charged following advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).