Highway contractors complain of speeding by truck drivers

…say workers feel life in danger working on roadway

Programme Manager and Senior Engineer Mark Greene speaking at the event

The contractors working on the Good Success to Timehri highway, East Bank Demerara have recently raised concerns about the scores of persons, mainly truck drivers, speeding along the roads, where workers are currently carrying out works.
According to Programme Manager and Senior Engineer Mark Greene, this complaint was lodged with the Ministry. He told truck drivers at a meeting with Public Works Minister Juan Edghill on Saturday that the contractor has expressed concerns about his workers complaining that their lives are in danger as a result of speeding drivers.
According to Greene, the roadworks are being done by the China Road and Bridge Corporation, who raised the issue. He explained that this was a repeated complaint that the Ministry has been receiving, pointing out that indeed speeding drivers put lives of the road workers in danger.

The meeting with truck drivers on Saturday last at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence, East Bank Demerara

“The roads under construction are designed to include traffic signs, road markings, pathways for cyclists, and pavements, all of which will be completed in specific time frame,” he stated while emphasising the seriousness of the issue. He urged truck drivers to exercise caution and reduce speed when approaching construction zones, as many workers will be diligently working to ensure the roads are completed.
Given that workers are dressed in safety clothing, which has light reflectors, he stated that it was very easy to see them on the roadways. On Saturday, he also stated that there were signs on the roads indicating drivers should slow down and drivers were not adhering to them. These reports, which, he stated, he has received from the contractors are all reports which he himself has witnessed firsthand during his weekly site visits.
Expressing similar sentiments, Public Works Minister Edghill said that statistics were showing that the common unlawful acts on the roadways are speeding and driving while under the influence.
“The two main problems on the roadways that we are seeing right now are excessive speeding and drinking and driving,” Edghill stated adding that drivers need to take the lives of pedestrians into consideration. Supporting his statement, he expressed that drivers on the Heroes Highway are currently driving as if the highway is a race track. Expressing that he himself was recently hit by a truck that was speeding, he confirmed the statement by Greene of speedy driving by trucks to be true.
Meanwhile, Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Mahendra Singh, in hearing the complaints, emphasised the Guyana Police Force’s commitment to charging individuals, who surpass the speed limit. He committed that the Police would not hold back with respect to charges. Additionally, the Traffic Chief said that drivers have been sensitised on road traffic rules. He underscored that 571 traffic lectures have already been conducted so far this year, which indicates the Force’s dedication to education and prevention of illegal driving alongside enforcement. (G2)