Hinds wins last stage of Grand Prix in Suriname

Guyanese Cyclist Orville Hinds won the last stage from Albina to Paramaribo, as part of the second Grand Prix de la Regional in Suriname on Sunday. The Grand Prix de la Regional is a distance of over 600 km in four stages between Iracoubo, French Guiana and Paramaribo.
However, it was Martinique rider Hervé Arcade, who on the event in which from the outset, proved to be the best and fastest cyclist of the four-day tournament.

Orville Hinds
Orville Hinds

Ninety cyclists from 16 affiliated clubs competed in the tournament in which Arcade was the winner of the yellow jersey as he was the leader in the overall standings.
The green jersey was awarded to the French Guianese Patrice Ringuet while another French Guianese Christian Lavenette copped the pink jersey, as the leader in the U-23 category.
The Grand Prix was dominated by the French with Suriname and Guyana have each participated as a team. Orville Hinds of Guyana won the last stage with a brilliant late attack. Shaquille Royer has been named the best cyclists in the junior class. Team Suriname consisted of: Orsen Awanna, Shaquille Royer, Ruben Vismale, Jaleel Macrooy and Kenrick Sahadeo.