History will judge Obama to be a great, unique President

Dear Editor,
One of the effects of Barack Obama being elected President of the United States of America twice is that there is a level of racism in America that can no longer be ignored. If a man like Barack Obama, so well-educated, so graceful, so intelligent, so charming, can be so reviled and denigrated on a daily basis in some parts of the country and in Congress to the point that he can hardly do his job, you can no longer, as a normal person, ignore the profound problem of race in that country.
Obama and his family have led with class and dignity through all the adversity, he is certainly the best leader of my lifetime, and he will be missed. President Obama is an exemplary example of goodwill leadership. No matter how vile the opposition may behave towards him, in return he always extends to them his natural decent goodwill, and generously too. There is not likely to be another with his grace for generations. Wish he could know how many do appreciate his efforts. Michelle is equally a fine example of wholesome generosity, she will succeed at whatever she wishes to achieve. May the days ahead as private citizens be mighty good to them. Obama has had to endure the most systematically obdurate Congress in United States history, determined to oppose him at all costs. It is a testament to his values and strengths that he has persisted in the face of such callousness, single-minded obstructionism and that he has achieved anything at all.
Obama has been the embodiment of hope and still is. Hope itself is not the achievement of change; it is what gives us the strength to strive for change.
I think history will judge Obama to have been a great and unique President. He has been at the helm of so much civil rights change, from fair pay, to repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, marriage equality, and affordable healthcare for many millions of Americans.
But I think what he will be best known for is his dignity in the face of abject hatred. His detractors and their supporters have done everything they can to demean Barack Obama and his family, even questioning if he is an American. But noble minded, he has always remained composed and dignified, held his head up high, and that’s why history will judge him to be among the great American presidents.
There have been forty-four Presidents in United Sates history, including Obama. He will be probably 9th to 12th in the Presidential rankings I think.

Yours faithfully,
Rooplall Dudhnath