Education Officers, teachers must take up riverine posts – Region 10 RDC

The Region 10 (Upper Demerara/Berbice) Regional Democratic Council (RDC) have unanimously voted that education officers, teachers and other functionaries within the education system, who are posted to work in riverine areas, must take up their posts.charles-sampson
This decision came following concerns raised by the RDC and the Region’s Department of Education over the failure of designated officials to assume their riverine posts. As a result, a position was taken by the Region to cut payments of non-cooperating officials who do not take up their posts by December 31, 2016.
During the hosting of the Council’s final statutory meeting last Thursday, councillors voiced their concerns over a number of issues pertaining to education, which came to light during a recent visit to areas such as Kwakwani, Ibini and Kalcuni.
Addressing the said it appears as though the sub-Region is being taken for granted as it relates to education, as several flaws were discovered.
He explained: “For example, we know that there is an education officer who is supposed to be there and she’s not there. It is my view that if the education officer is posted to sub-Region 2, then that education officer should take up her position. We found that education delivery in the River, certain things are lacking. We found problems in schools, with supplies, problems with administration of the schools and we know that we’re supposed to have people on the ground to address these problems.”
More so, he said the RDC should insist that in future, the principles surrounding assigning officers to riverine posts are adhered to.
“If you are posted to a sub-Region and there are difficulties with you getting in there, then those difficulties should be addressed,” Sampson added.
Regional Chairman, Renis Morian, identified the education officer who failed to take up the post and confirmed that if the post is not taken up by December 31, then the Officer’s salary will be cut.
He stated that the decision does not only apply to education officers, but teachers as well.
Recently, Regional Education Officer (REDO) of Region 10, Marcia Paddy-Andrews, announced that teachers in the Region who were assigned posts along the Berbice River will be replaced if they do not occupy those posts by January next year.
She said a meeting had been held with the ‘no show’ teachers where they were informed of this development. The REDO pointed to instances where teachers in Linden refused to go to remote areas to teach; many of them used medical conditions as excuses.