Hopkinson arrests 2nd place in Senior Division

Secure Innovations and Concepts Inc IPSC Level 3 Amazon Shoot…

The Guyana National Rifle Association (GuyanaNRA) IPSC Regional Director Harold Hopkinson, along with sanctioned handgun competitors, Dr Pravesh Harry, Angelique DeGroot, the father-son duo of Andrew and John Pang from the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation, travelled to the neighbouring country of Suriname, for the Secure Innovations and Concepts Inc- sponsored IPSC Level 3, 2019 Amazon Shoot.
Battling a stomach bug that had him vomiting and nauseous, veteran hand gunner “Top Gun” Hopkinson pulled off a second-place finish against his younger more fit competition. As the only Super Senior, the 64 year-old security executive, shooting an out-of-the-box CZ Shadow 2 Production gun, was thrown into the younger, more agile senior class.

Harold “Top Gun” Hopkinson (centre) with the other members of Team Guyana which competed at the Secure Innovations and Concepts Inc-sponsored IPSC Level 3, 2019 Amazon Shoot in Suriname last weekend

In an invited comment, Hopkinson said he was absolutely shocked that he got the silver medal, since he was not convinced that he had shot well.
The Regional Director said he was proud that his team members had put up a valiant and commendable performance in front of their trainer Grand Master Ronald Brown.
“They all finished just off the podium. There were 60 shooters from Aruba, Barbados, Curaçao, French Guiana, Grenada, Jamaica, Trinidad and host Suriname.”
He informed that the next stop would be Trinidad and Tobago followed by the 25th Anniversary competition of the Aruba Practical Shooting Association.
Hopkinson and his team members extended thanks to Police Commissioner Leslie James; Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) Commissioner General Godfrey Statia; the GuyanaNRA President, Brigadier Patrick West and his GuyanaNRA Executive and Handgun Captain, Dale Hing for their collective assistance in making the Suriname tour a possibility.