Club ‘45’ meet Pele/Patriarchs at Thirst Park tonight

Footballers of 50 years and over, inclusive of past nationals, will rewind the past and “tag-up” for a feature Masters clash at Thirst Park ground tonight.
The game, which is set to kick-off at 19:30h, will bring together Club ‘45’ and a Pele/Rastafari Patriarchs combination.
The National Park ballers under the name Club ‘45’ will be spearheaded by Lance Wills, with support from others, including Gavin Huntley, Alex Mahaica, Jolly Lewis, Lionel Grimes, Patrick Vincente, Kevin Leander, Owen Adonis and Andrew “Docker” Bright.
Dennis “Chow” Hunte will lead the Masters from the GNS Ground – Pele/Rastas, which will showcase the likes of Vibert “Dordee” Butts, Michael Pedro, Floyd “Brick” Campbell, Lloyd Smith, Dallas Sharples, Allan La Rose, Shawn Jacobs, Mark La Rose and Eyon “Axeman” Wills.