Housing Minister earmarks $500,000 for cricket tournament

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, has committed $500,000 to commence the Under-16 cricket tournament of the Mabaruma Sub–District of Region One next year. This commitment includes the deployment of a sports coach to prepare for the event.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal

The announcement was made on Saturday evening during that region’s annual Christmas Tree light up, held in the compound of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC).
Minister Croal has said that while there have been significant strides made in the sports sector, Government recognises the need for sports development in the region. This, he said, is in keeping with the Government’s commitment to develop and showcase the potential of athletes, both locally and internationally.
Sport would also ensure equal opportunities are offered in hinterland and coastland regions, the Minister has reasoned.
“Sport brings our people, and by extension our communities, together. It also allows for camaraderie among our people, and so there will be more emphasis to ensure that we have sport development (in the region),” Croal has said.
Minister Croal added, “I want to ensure that Region One has an important role (to play) in developing and starting with our young people, especially due to logistics. As you know, it can be costly for transportation purposes…so, starting with our schools in the new term, because we have to start at the foundation, we will have under-16 competition across the region.”
For 2021, the sum of $1.5 billion has been allocated for sports’ development. Of that sum, $915.5 million has been earmarked to improve community grounds countrywide. This includes the establishment of multi-purpose sporting facilities of international standard in Regions Two, Six and Ten.
The Culture, Youth and Sport Ministry had also budgeted $370 million to provide professional training for both athletes and coaches.
Minister Croal thanked the residents for braving the inclement weather to spread the Christmas cheer.
“Activities like these, notwithstanding that we are still in the COVID pandemic, help to remind us that Christmas is about family and togetherness. We must make a pledge to work together as one people, and strive for one nation, because we have one destiny and that destiny is to uplift the lives of our people, notwithstanding your political stance,” the Minister has said.
He said he hopes everyone abides by the COVID guidelines, in order to prevent the spread of the deadly disease. (DPI)