Ramsammy proud of Mr Guyana title

…aiming to go pro next year

Darious Ramsammy is by no means an ordinary athlete. This talented bodybuilder has proven that he is not an easy opponent to engage, and when he hits the stage, he gives one hundred percent of himself in competition.
Last Sunday night, in the Guyana Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation’s Senior Championships, Ramsammy proved the foregoing true, as he won the right to be called “Mr Guyana 2021”. He was also victorious in the Under-176 lbs division.
Asked how it feels to win this exclusive title, the new Mr Guyana said, “Well, training for this competition was mostly easy; because, remember, I recently came back from Santo Domingo with a first-place trophy, which was last month. So, it was just about cruising into this competition and bringing a tighter package, which I knew I would have done. So, it wasn’t a big deal, just adding my name to the legendary list of Mr. Guyana.”
He relayed that it is a great feeling to win the title, but by adding his name to this list of Mr Guyana, he believes his son is prouder of him than how he feels about capturing the title.
Ramsammy has said that, in terms of 2022, he is looking to take the CAC stage by storm, and hopefully turn pro. And that will be his last international show, as he is aiming to go pro from next year.
Come 2022, ‘Novice’ will be held in February, ‘Immediate’ will be held in Berbice in the month of June, and ‘Seniors’ will be held at the end of next year; after CAC, which will be held in Barbados. The Seniors Championship will aid the GBBFF executive in selecting teams to represent Guyana in international competitions.
Ramsammy had a closing remark for Guyana. He said, “I say thank you everyone for standing behind me when no one was there, and giving me opportunity to shine. And hopefully, next time I call out Mr Kerwin Clarke, he comes on stage and represents his title.”