How many times…

…can Naga take Larwah?
Back during the 2015 campaign, after Nagamootoo was made the PNC-led coalition’s PM candidate, his erstwhile comrade in the PPP, Donald Ramotar – who just happened to be that party’s candidate – predicted the PNC would give him “Larwah”!!
Now, Ramotar was there for most of the 50 years that Nagamootoo regularly boasted he’d been in the PPP, and with what has happened subsequently, Ramotar’s proven to be a prophet. Everyone knew the PNC wasn’t gonna give away anything, but Ramotar also knew Nagamootoo loved GETTING Larwah!!
The only question was how long could he take it?!! The poet/songwriter Bob Dylan, from Nagamootoo’s generation, had once asked plaintively, “Yes, ‘n’ how many times can a man turn his head/And pretend that he just doesn’t see?/The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind/ The answer is blowin’ in the wind.” Well, it ain’t blowin’ in the wind no mo’! The members of the AFC, which had given him succor, decided that anyone who would take so much Larwah willingly, and with evident relish, had to go! They voted 200 to 45 to reject Nagamootoo as the PM candidate in favour of Ramjattan!!
Only days before, Nagamootoo had gleefully published a CADRES poll in the Chronic that showed him being preferred over Ramjattan as the PM candidate 38 per cent to 5per cent!! Well, we now know how fixed THAT “poll” was – including its outlandish claims about the popularity of Granger!! The Larwah had come hard on the heels of the election, when Granger reneged on the PNC/AFC’s Cummingsburg Accord which promised Nagamootoo a PM on steroids, but gave him just a weekly column in the Chronic!!
When this newspaper reported that Nagamootoo had been stripped of all responsibilities, which had been transferred to the Ministry of the Presidency, run by Joseph Harmon, he protested vehemently. He had Rickey Singh fired as a Chronic columnist after the veteran pointed out that the so-called Prime Minister really had on no clothes after being Larwah’d!! It was therefore poetic justice that just before he was given the massive Larwah by the AFC, it was the same Joseph Harmon who overrode his reinstatement of Sherod Duncan as the Chronic’s GM!! How much Larwah can one man take??
Notwithstanding his protestations after his shafting, Nagamootoo had waged a vicious and dirty rearguard to prevent it. His lackey, the DPI, insisted that he and his wife (Nagamootoo sycophants both) were “threatened by a thug” close to an AFC big wig (read Ramjattan) and that “criminals and misfits are infiltrating the AFC”.
But your Eyewitness predicts that Nagamootoo will yet be Granger’s PM candidate! Why?
No one will take Larwah like him!!

…will Ramjattan be the bridesmaid?
If he has any political sense, Ramjattan shouldn’t be too precipitate in his celebrations. True, he’s humiliated the man for whom he’d stepped aside in the party he’d help found, but who’d inveigled himself into becoming the AFC’s face and had run him down. But he should question the nonsense being peddled, that the AFC still has a lock on who becomes the PM candidate because of the Cummingsburg Accord.
Even when the Accord hadn’t expired, when did the PNC ever follow up on its promises to the AFC? Forget about Nagamootoo being neutered – was he, Ramjattan, allowed to keep his family jewels as Public Security Minister? To the PNC, the Accord’s no more than the toilet paper the Chronic is to most folks! Granger and the PNC will use the CADRES Poll to justify them picking Nagamootoo as their PM Candidate, arguing that they’d sampled a wider cross section than just the AFC diehards.
Their supporters will have no problem with that. They saw how receptive Nagamootoo was to Larwah!!

…will the Treasury be raided?
The so called “scholarships payments” made directly to Minister Broomes’s children should remind us that, with oil on the way, we’re well on course to becoming the “Equatorial Guinea” of South America.
Earning US$45 billion from oil between 2000-2013, the average Guinean still lives on US$1 daily!!