How would the National Day be observed?

Dear Editor,
April 8 has been declared ‘National Day of Fasting and Prayers’ under the One Guyana banner and themed ‘Pray together, stay together’, in recognition of the three major religions having significant observances at this time.
So how is the day to be observed? Would there be a toning down of activities usually associated with the start of the weekend, or gatherings in churches, mosques and temples at a specific hour, or religious leaders going out to their communities or on national radio and television stations and giving talks and snippets of their respective. Religions and how we can build and foster a better and truer one Guyana or the wearing of a specific colour, say white, which signifies peace on the day?
What it comes down to is each of us playing our small part to make this country, and by extension the world, a better place.

Shamshun Mohamed