Show-of-membership call: Why only Sarabo-Halley?

Dear Editor,
In a letter carried in the local press, UK-based Aubrey Norton strongman Norman Browne issued a call for APNU+AFC Parliamentarian Tabitha Sarabo-Halley to provide a breakdown of her party’s membership.
For those who are unfamiliar with what is playing out, Sarabo-Halley was initially allocated an APNU+AFC seat in the National Assembly by virtue of her being a member of the WPA Executive. After the WPA pulled out of the APNU, Sarabo-Halley broke ranks with her party and was accommodated by the Granger/Harmon faction of the PNC/APNU under the Guyana Nation Builders Movement (GNBM), a political party she hurriedly formed, and which exists in name only.
The same scenario played out in relation to Jaipaul Sharma, who was given APNU membership through the Equal Rights and Justice Party (ERJP), another hurriedly formed, non-existent party.
The APNU is largely made up of such entities, apart from the PNC; so why is this call to show membership being made only in relation to Sarabo-Halley? The answer is simple: in a recent post on her Facebook page, Sarabo-Halley embarrassed Norman Browne’s handler when she alluded to the absence of any level of discussion in the APNU on who should be chosen to fill the two vacant APNU+AFC parliamentary seats. It is for this reason that she has been singled out and attacked by Norton’s UK-based hatchet man.
I support Browne’s call, however, and I will go a bit further by extending it to Mike McCormack in relation to the GHRA and Policy Forum Guyana, Article 13, Red Thread, WPA, and all the other non-existent press release entities sheltering under the banner of ‘civil society.

Thomas Cole