I am elated at what I am seeing in Guyana

Dear Editor,
I write to you with a lot of pride in my heart for my country, Guyana. I am happy to see that we are finally being recognised for what we have to offer on a global level. We have so much to be thankful for but today I want to focus on the past year and the PPP/C Government. I ask that you kindly allow me a space in your publication to express my views.
Almost one year ago, the PPP/C Government entered into office. It was a long battle to get there but they succeeded in the end. Today, I am beyond happy to say that I am proud of the Government for what they have done from 2020 to now. I look around in my own community and I can see major upgrades. The roads are better, the drains and trenches are cleaner, and the level of crime has dropped significantly. As I traverse the road daily, I see roadwork underway in different areas. I also see buildings being erected all over the place. In addition, just by reading the newspapers I am seeing investors express interest in Guyana to build hotels and so forth. I am glad that these things are happening, thanks to the Government of Guyana.
The PPP/C Government has done in one year what the coalition could not do in five years; develop Guyana. Every single Guyanese can see how much effort is being placed in the various sectors by the Government to ensure that the country progresses. From improvements to education to provision of adequate housing and water, the Government has been working very hard to make the lives of Guyanese better. The Dream Realised initiative in particular is one commendable initiative that must be mentioned as thousands of Guyanese are able to receive house lots and land titles. This just reiterates what I have been saying that the PPP/C Government is working in the interest of the people.
I am elated at what I am seeing mainly because I can only imagine what else is in store for us. The Government continues to do what they are mandated to do by the Constitution and they deserve to be applauded for their efforts. I personally want to thank the President for leading the charge and for making Guyana a great nation. We have so much to look forward to and I call on every single Guyanese to support the Government as we get ready for massive improvements and development in our country.

Anson A Paul