I am faced with a health hazard

Dear Editor,
Not one, but two young female health workers are attached to the Good Hope/ Pomona NDC in Region #2; but even with their presence, no action has been taken on a complaint made by me, of being faced with a health hazard.
My next-door doctor neighbour is rearing poultry on a large scale, and the cleanings from the pens are dumped by my back fence, where the stench becomes unbearable, as well as the nuisance caused by the infestation of flies.
My home at Lot 23 Dryshore, Essequibo Coast is made miserable because I have to endure considerable discomfort, inconvenience, and suffering, which could well have been avoided if the health workers were properly performing their duties.
It is not even comfortable to have a proper meal, because some of the flies land on the food items being consumed at the time, and the items have to be thrown away.
Although more than two weeks ago it was made known to the health workers that fumigation could help, as well as other ways exist to solve this problem once and for all, it just seemed to be like a big joke to them, to laugh about without making any inspection or contacting the person responsible for my discomfort.
These officers seem to be under delusion that I am begging them a favour, when in fact they are obligated and are duty bound to be of service to the community.
With so much being said to promote a healthy environment, it cannot be achieved from such a lackadaisical attitude, when better needs to be done.

Linda Savory