“I don’t want to leave my son unprotected,” mason tells Magistrate after being jailed

A 20-year-old mason of Wismar, Linden was on Monday jailed by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan after appearing at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.
Kester Johnson, of Lot 189 Half Mile Wismar, Linden, denied the first charge, which was read to him and which stated that between August 9 and 21, 2018 at Half Mile, he broke and entered the dwelling of Tia Hohenkirk and stole one cellular phone valued $45,000.
Another charge stated that on August 24, 2018 at Wismar Police Station, he escaped from lawful custody. Johnson admitted to this charge.
Police Prosecutor Simone Payne informed the court that on August 24, Johnson had been taken out of the Police lock-ups for processing when he dashed through the door and escaped. He was pursued by Police ranks, but made good his escape on foot.
The unrepresented man in a plea of mitigation told the Chief Magistrate that he escaped from custody, because he had a newborn baby boy and did not want to leave him unprotected.
The Chief Magistrate, however, remanded Johnson to prison on the first charge and sentenced him to one year in jail on the second charge. He will make his next court appearance on November 28, 2018.