“I wish we can all live in peace & harmony” – First Lady’s Christmas wish

By Devina Samaroo

Christmas is typically a magical time for most families and this is no different for the First Family of Guyana, albeit their heavy responsibilities as national leaders.
“Christmas morning is not the typical Christmas morning at State House,” First Lady Arya Ali expressed during an interview with Guyana Times.

First Lady Arya Ali at State House

“I know a lot people tend to have their Christmas breakfast, hot Pepperpot and hot bread but unfortunately and fortunately, I do have to spend time with the kids, the newborns at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where we deliver newborn hampers for our newborn babies in the maternity ward,” the First Lady explained.
During the holidays, the First Family would also host various events in keeping with the spirit of Christmas.
“The President said this is the peoples House. So, we’ve hosted so far, the orphanages, persons with disabilities, and the Joint Services, etc.”
“We have a festive house…we have multiple trees, we’ve hosted a lot of events, we’ve had the Christmas Village [along Main Street].”
During the interview, the First Lady recalled her first Christmas at State House, and noted that she was still adjusting to the role and being in public life. “I think I coped well so far,” she expressed.
One of her favourite Christmas pastimes include watching all of the Home Alone movies and her favourite Christmas song is “Jingle Bell Rock!”
According to the First Lady, on a scale of 1-10, she loves Christmas at ‘11’. “Who doesn’t love Christmas?” she cheerfully remarked.
Her favourite Christmas meal is Pepperpot and bread. “We’re lucky enough to have it sent over from the army and that’s delicious,” Madame Ali noted.
Reflecting on her childhood Christmas memories, the First Lady reminisced about the hustle and bustle of her family getting the house in order on Christmas Eve.
“I remember my mom having us the night before Christmas because she wants the house so fresh on Christmas morning. You have to do the last brushing out, the last mopping out…”
According to the First Lady, “the preparations for Christmas morning” are some of her fondest childhood memories of the holidays.
This year, First Lady Ali said her Christmas wish transcends personal desires. “My Christmas wish this year is for us as a country, as Guyana, to be unified and I wish and hope and pray that we all can live in peace, harmony and love and for a prosperous 2023.”
Her New Year’s resolution, however, is a bit more personal. “My New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. Don’t we all wanna join the gym in January?”