ICU at Diamond Hospital to be relocated

In an effort to rectify the current issues plaguing the Diamond Diagnostic Centre (DDC), on the East Bank


Demerara, plans are afoot to relocate the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the facility.

The administrators of DDC on Friday during discussions with Public Health Minister Dr George Norton and Minister Dr Karen Cummings, made a proposal to have the ICU moved.

According to the administrators, there is currently another location aback the hospital to treat tuberculosis (TB) patients and that is the area they propose be used to house the ICU.

Medical Superintendent of DDC Micheal Pereira, explained that the hospital currently has qualified medical professionals to operate in that capacity when the ICU is relocated.

He noted that more staff will be needed to function at the unit if the move is to be made, but added that the move will greatly benefit those seeking medical attention at the institution.

Pereira further explained that there are sufficient beds and medical equipment available if the proposal is approved.

According to the administrators, the space is much bigger and will be able to house more patients which will in turn take the load off Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH).

When asked where the tuberculosis unit will be transferred to, it was proposed that it be transferred to where the ICU is currently located.

This they said, is due to the fact that the hospital treats a limited number of patients with the disease on a daily basis.

Listening to the proposal, Minister Norton said it made sense and after further discussions expressed willingness to have the proposal see reality.

However, a specific date has not been set for the relocation to be carried out.