Impose sanctions now

GECOM CEO Keith Lowenfield on Monday once again defied the clear and unambiguous directions of the Chair, Claudette Singh to present his Report of the results of the March 2 elections based on the 10 Certificates of Recount and has been given an ultimatum to do so today or else, he will be replaced by the Deputy CEO to perform the task. But whether he or the DCEO perform their statutory duty, the Chairwoman’s direction pellucidly and unambiguously indicates that the Recount, which certified the valid votes from the elections, will form the basis of her declaration as to which list garnered the “most votes cast” and ineluctably names the head of that list as the President-elect of Guyana. Since the Statements of Recount show that the PPP/C won 233,336 votes to the APNU/AFC’s 217,920, this means that the PPP/C’s Dr Irfaan Ali is the new President-elect, and the Chairwoman should so declare.

Caretaker President David Granger

This newspaper had hoped that after the CCJ’s judgement, caretaker President David Granger would have accepted that his party lost the elections and conceded defeat. However, from their continued shenanigans, including the blatantly-staged demonstration by his APNU/AFC supporters in front of his vehicle departing State House and then proceeding down the commercial district of Regent Street, it is pellucid that Granger will continue to hold Guyana hostage with his obstreperousness.
As such, we call upon the international community, which has unanimously denounced the hijacking of the elections process, which is now into the fifth month, to immediately impose sanctions on Granger, the PNC and the rest of his rigging cabal.