In the end, there is truth and then there’s Harmon’s insinuation

Dear Editor,
I am appalled by the irresponsible and dangerous leadership shown by Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon over the past few days in regard to the ongoing vaccination debacle, or faux pas.
The recent news’ headlines carried in the press, which suggest that the Russian authorities have verified Guyana’s Sputnik supply and the Health Ministry has called on Harmon to back the vaccine programme and apologise for his utterances, are reasons why I have lost confidence in Harmon’s style of politics and leadership of the country’s Opposition.
I expected rationality and common sense to guide Harmon’s intelligence on the issues. Alas and again, he has exposed his true self as a quick-tempered, and unstable political adversary. He is blind to simple, verifiable, and authentic facts available to the common researcher online.
Doesn’t Harmon have a researcher in his fold? Doesn’t he have lawyers, doctors, and prominent people to guide his thoughts before he engages the public with the “uninformed” position that he took on the vaccines?
And to think that Harmon intends to become President of Guyana! It makes me quiver in my boots out of sheer fear and bewilderment.
Keep on digging, there is likely another round of blows that Government would share out on the vaccine. I believe that that next round would sink Harmon and expose his real intentions for causing the public undue fear and promoting vaccine hesitancy in Guyana.
Now, I don’t care what propaganda the Opposition or Mr. Harmon comes up with, the COVID-19 vaccines are safe, real, and effective in the fight against illnesses brought on by the pandemic. I urge all to take one of the vaccines and protect themselves.
Finally, Guyana needs leadership in the Opposition benches. The time of some politicians parading as intellectual and factual beings is long over. You either are, or you are not.
I ask: it is too quick or early in the race to say Harmon is not?

Michael Younge