Indian Heritage Month

Dear Editor,
It is an excellent idea that the doctor has suggested. This coming month will bring with it Indian Arrival Day. A day of reflection, celebration, and the embracing of our heritage and values, which have guided us this far for generations.
The suggestion that we leverage the occasion to expand upon it to celebrate the rich history of our people during the month of May is an idea worth pursuing and bringing to fruition.
We the Cooperative Republic of Guyana fully support making the month of May a month dedicated to the in-depth embracing of the legacy of our ancestors and their Indian Heritage.
It will provide an opportunity to enjoy the music, poetry & plays inspired and created by the likes of Kalidasa, our artwork and art forms from throughout the ages, pre-colonial classical dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, cuisine representing the different regions of our motherland and so many more aspects of the richness of our culture.
Yes, dedicating the month of May to the national celebration of our Indian heritage is definitely worth pursuing and has our full support.

Best regards,
Jamil Changlee