PPP Govt always about socio-economic progress

Dear Editor,
Undeniably, the PPP’s track record as a Government has proven beyond any doubt that it remains the only political party in Government which is not only all-inclusive and pursued racial integration meaningfully, but which has uplifted the country from the morass of social and economic decadence.
The PNC for 28 years plunged the country into extreme poverty, hunger and criminal activities which relegated it next to Haiti and it took the PPP Government during its 23 years in office not only to reverse this but to transform the country from a Highly Indebted Country to a progressive Middle-Income Country. This devastation was again repeated by the PNC masquerading as the coalition for another 5 years from 2015 to 2020. And again, the PPP Government took on the Herculean task to rebuild an economy which was on the verge of bankruptcy, the PNC-dominated coalition this time was on a squandering binge. This time the alacrity of the corruption surpassed what took place from 1964 to 1992. Imagine they tried ‘a thing’ with the first oil money we received (US$18 signing bonus), thus it will not take an astrologer to predict what would have happened thereafter. Many who are vociferous today were mum then.
Now there are some who are crying ‘wolf’ again, hoping that the more gullible Guyanese will fall for this again. Those who do not remember the past will most certainly be condemned for repeating it and Guyanese have learnt their lessons well. The PNC/coalition governed this country for 33 years and brought nothing but hunger and suffering for Guyanese. There was a time when putting food on the table was a criminal activity. When it is analysed, what took place from 2020 to now, the full magnitude of the progressive nature of the PPP Government will surely come to fore. The PPP had to fight the PNC juggernauts hellbent of thieving an entire Government in full view of the world and then had to battle an unseen enemy in the form of the pandemic and in the midst of that had to charter our survival from the most devastating flood ever when entire regions became inundated and crops and livelihood were destroyed. But this Government not only overcame these but once more herald an era of unprecedented socio-economic development.
This brings to mind the words of our President Dr Irfaan Ali when he was in Region 6, “We are creating a macro-vision that will transform this region beyond recognition, create opportunities for new jobs, bring sustainable jobs, and empower people to participate in a greater way in the economy of this region. That is what we are about.” The Government’s macro vision will most definitely transform the country beyond recognition as major economic projects get underway across every region. Already, some areas have developed beautifully beyond recognition.
The PNC has never been good for Guyana whilst in Government and even as an Opposition and third force parties, such as the UF, AFC and the WPA have all become subservient to the PNC and have intrinsically lost their goals and founding principles. Guyanese must not be misled by the few who are only interested in grabbing power to foster their own selfish ends. There are those who have condemned the macro developmental projects for Berbice outlined by President Ali but never uttered a word in condemnation when the coalition made the entire Region 6 a ghost town, with children and mothers walking with their abdomens glued to their backs, unaware where the next meal will come from. Little did these naysayers realise that this Government has buffered the rising global prices, including fuel prices, and have put billions back into the pockets of every Guyanese directly and indirectly through cash grants, salary increases, and decrease in taxes. This seemed to be forgotten.
These projects and the many others in progress will create employment and peoples’ lives will improve. People will learn to fish and not be depending on a fish to be thrown at them. Of course, it will take time but patience is what is required because there is a timeline when the dividend from every project will materialise. Guyanese are living far better than they did under the coalition.
Yours sincerely,
Haseef Yusuf