Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Ministry given $60M in donations

A charitable organisation has made a sizeable donation to the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs. On Thursday, the Hope for the Nation Foundation donated million worth of medical supplies, food, clothing, building and other materials to the Government of Guyana.

The donation was handed over to Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Minister Sydney Allicock
The donation was handed over to Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Minister Sydney Allicock

Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Sydney Allicock, who accepted the donation, noted that it was “timely” given the fact the country’s indigenous people have been hopeful for relief.
“The donation has come at a time when the indigenous people have been looking for [it],” Allicock noted. He reiterated further that the donation is “significant” to his Ministry as many residents in interior villages have been asking for support. The Minister added that the donation to the hinterland region will aid in the national development of the country.
Meanwhile, President of the Hope for the Nation Foundation, Dr Abubakir Abdel Bari, who originally came to Guyana from Sudan in 1980, pointed out that he felt obligated to give back to the country.
“Guyana helped me so much and I thought that I had to give something back to [the country],” Dr Bari noted.
The general practitioner further explained that the donations were solicited principally from donors in the United States (US).
“It is a collective effort [among] a couple of us, who met during the President’s inauguration, we came back with the idea that we need to do something for our country to help…they got in touch with other organisations in the States, we used social media,” the activist noted.
He also noted that donors came from as far as China, Taipei, and the United Arab Emirates.
“Four containers came, and we have others coming…one of the backgrounds we have is that if any disaster takes place here now, we could say we have this problem and they’re going to come”, Dr Bari noted.
Hope for the Nation’s theme is “Helping where it matters the most.” There are several groups located across the country.