Inspectorate department now for public transportation

Dear Editor,
The time has come for Government to consider creating an Inspectorate Department within the Public Works Ministry for public transportation services.
My suggestions are as follows:
(1) Registration of all mini buses, hire cars, taxi services and water crafts, including fees to print batches and coded caps.
(2) Seminars on a quarterly basis for owners and all operators.
(3) Erecting of bus stops
(4) Checking system by inspectors on working vehicles at parks and via journeys during day and night, not forgetting taxi and water craft bases.
(5) Complaint hotline number for passengers
(6) Owners, drivers, conductors and captains must adhere to the Guyana Revenue Authority’s pay as you earn system and to the National Insurance Scheme.
The revenue to be collected from the above would certainly offset the expenses for the employment of inspectors, etc. No union is necessary, as it is a waste of time and this new venture will automatically remove private vehicles.
Please implement now, as this will bring confidence in our public transportation not only by passengers, but the tourism industry as well, and our Guyana Police Force, who will do a better job to make roads and water top a safer place.

Parmanand Ram