Is PNC fast becoming an obsolete Opposition?

Dear Editor,
Three noteworthy matters took place this past week, they are, the inaugural address by the President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, Dr Irfaan Ali, the budget presentation by Dr Ashni Singh and the PNC’s protest, I shall direct my comments specifically to the last-mentioned action.
Now, the PNC Opposition is in a very serious bind, in that they do not recognise the legitimate existence of the PPP/C Administration and as such, they would like to mount protest actions at various auspicious events to embarrass the Government. Their claim is that the Irfaan Ali Government was fraudulently installed and should be resisted at every available opportunity.
Be that as it may, it is very ludicrous of them to take the route they are taking, because, if they have questions about the process in which the PPP/C came to office, then, the decent thing is to take your queries to the appropriate forum, that is, to a court of law.
This they actually did in an election petition filed some months ago, and which we are soon to go into great details. But the PNC cannot wait for those hearings to begin, probably thinking that they will not stand a ghost of a chance with those watered-down facts, so they have now resigned themselves to a life of disgraceful acts all under the name of protest.
The latest events in their quest was a Trumpian invasion of the house with placards and loud shouts of “fraud.” They were not there to attend Parliament, certainly not, but in an expressed battle mode to disrupt proceedings. It was a yard fowl scenario with their nonstop heckling, as a friend of mine puts it “this yard fowl behaviour with wanton lawlessness,” should not be condoned.
Yard fowl belongs to the yard or better still on the roadside! It was a pathetic display of “yardie” behaviour, with the controversial Patterson scaling the Police barricade, the spikes ripping away his clothing; it could have also ripped that part of his anatomy to shreds. This sort of behaviour was all happening here in good old Guyana.
And to think of it, the PNC not being satisfied with such belligerence, would turn again and lie to the public that they were arbitrarily locked out of Parliament by the Speaker. This is a very egregious remark coming from the main Opposition party and I call on the Speaker to demand an apology from those involved. This sort of behaviour will not be allowed to flourish here, our Parliament is a dignified and hallowed place and as such all those who come within its walls should act in the appropriate dignified way.
So, while some of their supporters might run away with the silly idea that they represent a strong political party, the majority of us prefer to hang our heads in shame to see the degradation we have fallen into. I too join with the moral majority in denouncing them, we see them as desperate people who are in the final stages of becoming obsolete in Guyana’s rapidly evolving politics.

Neil Adams