Is this Administration deliberately obtuse or simply dense? 

Dear Editor,
The resent exchange between Christopher Ram and Ronald Bulkan served to crystallise ephemeral thoughts that have been nagging at the back of my mind for some years. Ram posits that Bulkan and his former Cabinet colleagues may know they are being disingenuous with arguments about 34 and 90 days. “I suspect that deep down Mr Bulkan knows all of this” but Ram also takes the arguments at face value and asks “Mr Bulkan and his APNU/AFC colleagues may indeed have a numeracy deficiency but literacy too? If they cannot count, and cannot apply basic comprehension” in suggesting that Bulkan et al will have to defend their intellectual deficiencies to the electorate at some point. Editor, from the earliest days of the Granger Administration, I have struggled with the very same dilemma. Is this Administration deliberately obtuse or simply dense? I have ruled out the first as none have so far revealed any level of sophistry to date, no clever analogies, nothing to make one stop and consider their arguments seriously, from the reasons proffered for their very first transgression against the people with the obscene salary raise to Trotman’s mango analogy which was asinine at best.   It is denseness that has caused Brigadier David Granger (re tired) to set us upon a path to open dictatorship. The refusal to accept the ruling of the Chief Justice in all matters raised concerning the No-confidence Motion of December 21, 2018, has moved us past the parody of democracy that stultified resistance to the subversion of the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. Add to this deliberate attempt to polarise the nation along racial lines, despite evidence that our nation has grown past that and lines have long become blurred and it becomes obvious that the Granger Administration’s embrace of denseness grows stronger daily. Like Ram, I was willing to concede these may be political arguments made for sake of expediency and not an actual reflection of intellect or lack of thereof. No longer however, I cannot concede that any intelligent human would subject themselves to this level of ridicule of small children for the sake of any amount of power and perks. This group should be sitting at the back of the class with party hats on, not in the halls of power.

Robin Singh