It is time Justice Claudette Singh!

Dear Editor,
Having made her observations and having heard the arguments, it is time now to pragmatically follow the rule of law and the Constitution. Her job is not to pander to the politicians on any side but rather to use this opportunity to focus on the greater good of the nation. I was extremely disappointed in her judgment to merge the last updated National Register of Registrants (the original database) with the data from the House-to-House information (H-2-H). First off, the H-2-H information is polluted, impure and unverified while the original database is cleaner. The hard sciences have taught us that if one adds an impure substance to a pure one, the outcome becomes impure. Logically we should not expect differently in this case. To clean the impure data from the H-2-H process will take as much as three months. Firstly, you have to strip it of all the duplicate registrants, then you have to examine it to ensure that only bonafide Guyanese citizens who were not on the original database remain. That entails an ineffective investment of a lot of time, effort and money to arrive at a conclusion that could have been easily complied using the tried and tested Continuous Registration process and an extended Claims and Objections period to produce a credible voters’ list. After all, isn’t that what the majority of Guyanese want? Free and fair elections and one free from fear as soon as possible and in compliance with the Guyana Constitution?

Sasenarine Singh