It takes maturity to admit that one is not perfect

Dear Editor,
On Saturday, January 26, I attended the PPP public meeting at Miss Phoebe. I listened intently to the address delivered by Irfaan Ali and would like to commend the young man for the quality of his content.
There are two things, in particular, I would like to share with your readers; Irfaan Ali mentioned that during this period out of office, he and his party were able to find time to reflect on “where the gaps” in their policies and development programs were during their period of governance.
It takes maturity to admit that one is not perfect and that you were not able to plan for full coverage in the field and it shows that the PPP is not sitting idly on the opposition bench.
Members of Parliament draw down a salary and should work to make life easier for everybody in Guyana.
Irfaan Ali said he recognises that the cost of doing business in Berbice is too high and that more than one Government Office has to be established – GRA, Immigration and Registry offices were mentioned among other services.
The other thing that was said that is of note is his willingness to work with non-party members in a ‘big tent’ of ideas and implementation.
I am so happy to hear a young man talk about inclusiveness when all the old men are still talking about race, colour and religion. I look forward to seeing members of the Private Sector and civil society joining this energetic candidate to work for a bright future for Guyanese.
What this speech shows also, is that the PNC (People’s National Congress), AFC (Alliance For Change), WPA (Working People’s Alliance) and other parties wasted their 23 years in Opposition; all they did was make promises that they never meant to keep; nine thousand a bag for paddy was a lie! Care about sugar workers was a lie! Everything APNU (A Partnership for National Unity) and AFC said in Berbice in 2015 has turned out to be lies. APNU and AFC had no plan for anything except power, all they talk about is oil money and it shows the mentality of the people in charge of those parties.
For all who have eyes to see and ears to hear, listen to both sides speak and you will know where to place your mark on Election Day.

Brian Azore