Bandits shoot at Corentyne businessman during robbery

A Corentyne, Berbice businessman was shot at on Sunday morning when two men broke into his Clifton Village home demanding cash and jewellery.

Doodnauth Takpersaud

Sunday’s attack was the fifth time bandits robbed Garbar’s Halal Chicken Outlet which is owned by Doodnauth Takpersaud. Reports are two men – one carrying a firearm and the other a cutlass – broke into the home of poultry dealer at about 01:30h on Sunday morning.
Speaking with this publication Takpersaud said that he and his two nieces were awoken by sounds coming from a shed around the building.
He noted that upon hearing the sounds, he told his niece to turn on the bedroom light but by that time the men had already gained entry via a window.
“Ah tell dem girls ‘pass the gun’, and I push the door to go in but they brace the door because like they scared when ah tell the girl to pass the gun,” Takpersaud said. He added that he then opened the door leading to the veranda and he and his nieces ran outside and locked the door, leaving the bandits inside. He said he started shouting for help.
The men hurriedly ransacked the house and found $315,000, two cellular phones and a quantity of jewellery before escaping.
The poultry retailer said the men then left via the window through which they gained entry and escaped.

Garbar’s Halall Chicken Outlet

“When they jump down, I recognise one of them, so I say, ‘Prem! Again you Mother so and so come in my house, then he tun and tell he partner, ‘shoot he mother so and so’ and I run up back the step and I hear a shot fire; one shot only.”
The men then made good their escape. Takpersaud subsequently discovered that the men cut a hole in the chicken outlet and removed a quantity of plucked chicken.
According to Takpersaud, Police arrived about 30 minutes later.
They then visited two homes and have since been able to arrest the two suspects.
On November 31, 2018, there was a similar attack on the business place. At that time Takpersaud was not at home. His niece, Padwattie Chanlon, was beaten during that indecent.
On December 3, 2018, there was another attack.
“This is the fifth time in three months that they have attacked there. I am calling on the relevant authorities; if it is the Minister or the Commissioner of Police to look into this matter,” Takpersaud reiterated.
Following Sunday’s attack, he has since installed security cameras.
Police have since launched an investigation.