Joint Services making stringent efforts to recapture remaining 2 at large

Mazaruni Prison escapees

The prisoners who are at large

The Joint services have intensified their efforts to recapture the two remaining prisoners who escaped from the Mazaruni penitentiary more than a month ago.
The two prisoners who remain at large are Kenrick Lyte and Samuel Gouveia.
Imran Ramsaywack, 25, and Ryan Jones were shot dead during a shootout with Police earlier in the month aback Better Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD).
However, during a telephone interview with acting Prison Director Nicklon Elliot on Tuesday, he stated that a team comprising members of the Joint Services was still making every effort to arrest the men.
“We are acting on intelligence, and we are actively pursuing them with the aim of recapturing the two men,” he stated.
The four men had escaped from the maximum security prison. It was reported that during the unlocking of the Brick Prison (Solitary Division), it was observed that the padlock to the entrance gate had been tampered with, and further checks revealed that two bars within the cell had been cut.
Shortly after, 60-year-old Ralph Jones, the father of escapee Jones, was arrested, charged, and remanded to prison after he confessed to assisting the fugitives.
Meanwhile, during the shootout on March 22 in which Ramsaywack and Jones were killed, a third person –Savita Rajkumar, 49, also called “Debbie”, of Better Hope South Squatting Dam, was also killed. She was reportedly a close acquaintance of Jones.
It was reported that on the day in question, Police received information that the Mazaruni Prison escapees were hiding out at a location in the Better Hope South backlands.
As such, a team was deployed to the area where they observed an abandoned field in a bushy and swamped area. Further, the ranks noticed three wooden shacks, with two under construction.
The ranks reportedly checked the first shack, but no one was seen. However, as they were approaching the second, they overheard talking in the third.
The Police stated that soon after, a male emerged from the shack and discharged a round at the Police and ran into the nearby bushes. In retaliation, the Police returned fire.
As they got close to the shack, they observed two men and a woman lying on the floor with gunshot injuries. The area was reportedly combed in search of the fourth person seen, but there were no signs of him. Police also confirmed that a sawn-off double-barrel shotgun was found at the scene.