Jovinski set to defend Junior Calypso Monarch

It’s February 1, 2019, and Jovinski “The digital Assign” Thorne is set to defend his Junior Calypso Monarch title and lay claim to the Junior Soca Monarch.

In February 2018, he sang his way into the Judges hearts with the song “calypso” and won the coveted crown of Junior Soca Monarch.

Many felt that he should have also won The Junior Soca Monarch also but he placed second in that competition.

One year later, this young trailblazer has his eyes on both crowns.

The talented singer says this weekend, Barticians are in for a treat of a lifetime as the juniors take the stage in the Green Town, also known as “the gateway to the interior”.

Incidentally, Jovinski’s soca entry is entitled “The Stage” and part of the lyrics read “… I’m the magician, I am in command. You can’t escape, you are not Houdini, cause I control you with my wand. I control The Stage.”

Jovinski has been rehearsing and has undoubtedly improved his vocals and his onstage presence. He will be competing with several other young people in the Junior Calypso competition which is set for the Bartica Community Centre Ground commencing at 20:00h.

Barticians are urged to come out and support the junior calypsonians this weekend.