Naya Zamana 22 – “Tere Bin” for NCC on February 10

The 2019 edition of Naya Zamana 22 – “Tere Bin” will be staged at the National Cultural Centre on Sunday, February 10.

This theatrical spectacular received fantastic reviews when it was first staged in August 2018 and there was a demand by those who missed it and those who wanted to see it again to have a hold over. The February 10 show is in response to that call.

“Tere Bin”, meaning without you, is written, choreographed and directed by Dr Vindhya Vasini Persaud and features in the lead roles Aliyah Hassan, Anusha Doodnauth, Travez and Amber Piaralall, Deepta Banik, Angelina Leitch, Renuka Muniram and Saanvi Dukhbanjan.

It traces the struggles and adventures of two sisters who want to succeed in the entertainment world and is replete with fabulous choreography and spectacular costumes and sets. Special lighting for the show is provided by Travellers Sound and Lighting.

The production features a cast of more than 50 dancers who have been trained at the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha’s Dharmic Kendra in Prashad Nagar, Greater Georgetown. Patrons are promised a memorable experience.

Tickets for “Tere Bin” cost $3500, $3000 and $2500 and are available at the National Cultural Centre, Dharmic Kendra, Red Mango, M&M Snackette, Bhagwans, E-etworks, Unique Innovations in Giftland Mall and the Murti Shop. The production is supported by Impressions, NTN, E-Networks and Tropical View International Hotel.

Naya Zamana was first staged at the National Cultural Centre by the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha in August 1994, with opening words by Dr Cheddi Jagan and Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud.

Over the past 25 years, the production has been the launch pad of hundreds of Guyanese artistes and is recognised as one of the best theatrical productions in Guyana.

In recent times, Naya Zamana has been presented in theatrical format with unique storylines linking dance and musical elements. The grand costumes, sets and attention to detail are hallmarks of the production.

“Tere Bin” has been described as one of the favourite Naya Zamanas of all time. Check out this production at the National Cultural Centre on Sunday, February 10. Showtime is 18:00h and dress code will be in effect.