Justice has been served

Dear Editor,
It’s good to see that justice has finally been done in the case of the murder of Faiyaz Narinedat. The jury rightly returned a unanimous verdict of guilty against all five accused persons. It’s unfortunate that Marcus Bisram, the man who allegedly told them to kill Narinedat, was not allowed to be tried for the murder.
The judge who conducted the trial must be complimented for holding a fair trial, in keeping with the Constitution of Guyana. The Guyana Court of Appeal must also be complimented, because they had ruled that Bisram, too, must stand trial for the murder of Narinedat.
The Guyana Court of Appeal and Justice Navindra Singh who held the trial must be complimented. We, the law-abiding people of Guyana, thank Justice Singh and the judges of the Court of Appeal for ensuring that justice has been done in this case.
The original trial in the murder of Neesa Gopaul was another case in which Justice Navindra Singh did a great job with the trial. Judges of our Guyana Court of Appeal have also done a great job in that case. What this shows is that, in our criminal justice system, there is still some hope from our local judges.

Chandra Jagmohan