Kara Kara tollbooth to be gazetted

The return of the Kara Kara tollbooth at Mackenzie, Linden is set to once again take shape, following the

Carwyn Holland
Carwyn Holland

intervention of recently elected Mayor of the Town Council Carwyn Holland to have it gazetted.

The tollbooth, which falls under the management of the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LM&TC), has been the centre of controversy in the past, more so when it was ordered closed by former Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker after claims that it was operating “illegally”. At the time, former Interim Management Committee (IMC) Chairman Orrin Gordon had stated that the municipality was in a financial crisis and had moved to have the toll- booth put back in place after years of being out of operation.

However, the move was short lived. After taking up office recently, Mayor Holland had expressed interest in having the toll- booth up and running once again, in an effort to secure much needed revenue for the “cash strapped” Municipality. On Monday he reported that systems have been put in place to facilitate its re-instatement.

“I must report to you that after years we have the return of the toll booth. This week it was passed at an emergency meeting of the Council. It’s going to be gazetted in a few days and we’re going to be moving forward”, Holland stated, during an address at the launch of the bauxite Centennial activities in Linden on Monday.