Key witness to testify against Marcus Bisram allegedly poisoned

The key witness to testify against Marcus Bisram in the Faiyaz Narinedat murder trial has been poisoned.
According to reports, the 16-year-old boy might have been given poisoned food by a relative of the alleged murder mastermind, Marcus Bisram.
The teenager was a frequent visitor to Bisram’s home when he was in Guyana and is said to have witnessed firsthand the events leading up to Narinedatt’s murder and also plans to stage the hit- and-run scene. The teenager also reportedly knew the car which drove over the man’s body when it was placed on the Number 70 Village, Corentyne Highway. It is last Saturday that he was allegedly given fried rice mixed with a poisonous substance. The teenager and a member of Bisram’s family circle – who also has family ties with the teenager – went into the backdam. The teenager’s mother told this newspaper that on his return she realised that something was amiss. However, he told her that he will be ‘ok’ but could not make it to have a shower.
The 47-year-old mother of two said on Sunday morning, the teenager was unable to get out of bed and by Tuesday, he began vomiting. “When I go upstairs and turn on the light, is vomit on the bed, all over he clothes is vomit an it green, green,” she explained.
On Thursday his conditioned worsened and she was forced to seek assistance to get the ailing boy to the hospital. After several tests, he was admitted a patient at the Skeldon Hospital.
However, relatives sought to get the youth removed from that hospital after he was visited by Police Officers from the Skeldon Police station, including one officer who was reportedly reluctant to act on information with respect to Narinedatt’s murder. It had been claimed that the officer was provided with information on the carpenter’s death, including the names of those present and details of the events which led to Narinedatt’s death and the subsequent staging of the crime scene to make it appear as a hit-and-run accident.
The teenager was on Thursday afternoon removed from the Skeldon Hospital and in now at a medical facility in Georgetown.

The 16-year-old boy might have been given poisoned food by a relative of alleged murder mastermind Marcus Bisram

Meanwhile, the mother revealed that her son’s life was in danger ever since he came forward to reveal what was once thought to be a secret. According to her, it is the very person her son went to the backdam with that threatened him. “They told him that he giving evidence against Marcus, and before Marcus got to come to this country, we gon got to done you… they mean they gone kill him,” she charged.
She reported that the threats were not only made to her son, who is currently hospitalised.  Meanwhile, Police are making stringent efforts to arrest the man who may have given the poisoned meal to the teenager.