Killing… rage?

We now have a bit more info on the fella seemingly bent on assassinating President Ali. The biggest revelation is he’s a foreigner – a Nigerian, to be exact. Now, Nigerians have earned a global reputation for scamming and bilking the gullible in all sorts of get-rich schemes, including and especially the lovelorn. So, here we’re entering virgin territory – so to speak! –with an assassination attempt!! We now know his name to be Bethel Ikena Chimezie. “Chimezie” is an Igbo name –the tribe that dominates in eastern Nigeria.
They’re 98% Christian, and back in early 1967-1970, they fought a violent war of secession as “Biafra” from the Federal Nigerian state that was ruled at the time by the Muslim North. The Nigerians invaded Biafra, and almost 2 million of them – mostly children – were massacred. That war – based on tribal and religious ideologies and identities – has never really ended!! We found out that Chimezie’s only 25, and arrived here in early 2020. He was employed by a security firm – Amalgamated Security Services (Guyana) Inc in April of that year – at the age of 23.
Now non-Caricom foreigners can’t just show up at Timehri and be allowed in to start working. Chimezie had to’ve secured a specific Employment Visa through the intervention of some company to the Immigration Department long before then. Winston Felix was then head of the Immigration Department hived-off from Ramjattan’s Public Security Ministry. One report claimed that Chimezie was part of a group of seven who entered the country. Had to’ve been just before our now infamous elections of March 2020!! That was around the time our eagle-eyed Security Minister Ramjattan had intercepted some Russians who were planning to rig our elections – so one suspect Chimezie passed muster, or was ushered through!!
But if he was immediately snapped up by Amalgamated, he must’ve had some background in security, no?? After all, the company boasts it’s “part of one of the largest security companies in the Caribbean, with subsidiaries in Trinidad and Tobago.” And started training staff since 2014! The Police Clearance submitted to Amalgamated gotta be scrutinized, so we can find out the background of Chimezie, who showed up at the Home of the President with a hidden knife.
So what was his motive for his actions?? In Igbo, Chimezie means “Let God do it”. Was Chimezie trying to do God’s work?? Did he hear about the Mayor’s accusation that President Ali was working assiduously to convert Guyana into an Islamic State? Did the still potent fears from his native Nigeria rise to the fore and make him so desperate that he broke the cardinal rule to “never show up at a gunfight with a knife”??
Your Eyewitness needs answers!!

…and SOPs
There are conflicting reports about the firefight that ensued between Chimezie and the Presidential Guards. We know for sure he stabbed one Guard five times – who obviously was caught unawares, so he didn’t even draw his weapon. Now questions gotta be asked about how Chimezie was allowed to get so close to him without a reaction. Have you ever tried getting close to those Marines at the US Embassy?? Heck!! This is the President of our country!!
Then, after all that stabbing, he was able to wrest a firearm from another Police/Guard. What was she doing while her colleague was being punctured repeatedly? What was her reaction time to draw her weapon and fire even a warning shot?? Then the guy had to’ve been shot at least seven times. Didn’t they want to keep him alive so he could be grilled on the masterminds behind the assassination attempt?? It’s quite unlikely he’s gonna live, after taking so many bullets – including through his head.
Dead men tell no tales!!

How long are we gonna wait before we start clearing our city of the vendors who make us look like one humungous Brazilian favela (slum)?? Didn’t Dr Kenneth King present a plan on behalf of ACDA two decades ago??