Kissoon is a farce where research, veritable journalism is concerned

Dear Editor,

Freddie Kissoon, a UG lecturer for umpteen years, elicited a woeful response (“Vic Puran’s daughter says he was murdered”) to Mikel Puran, the 17-year-old law student’s letter (“Another spineless act of cowardice from Mr Freddie Kissoon”).

Kissoon evolved into a seasoned connoisseur to avoid the issues when confronted; instead, he uses his pen to disparage and squelch criticism of persons who question his dubious stance. His latest letter is a case in point.

Kissoon lambasted the young man for inadequate research on the issue with the use of Google. With Google and other research tools, it is easy for one to see that Mikel’s sister, Mikhaila Puran, did not claim anywhere that she knew who the alleged murderers were. This was Kissoon’s sick attempt to twist the truth to make him look good; on the contrary, Kissoon insinuates that he does know who is responsible!

Mikel’s premise is that since Kissoon claimed that he knew the late Puran “had fallen in bad company” and he (Kissoon) believed that “those people eventually killed him”, then it is plain as day that Kissoon knows something that would be useful in solving this alleged murder. If that is indeed the case, Kissoon has a legal and moral responsibility to disclose the pertinent details to the Police.

The (retired) lecturer used most of his missive to disparage the young writer and underscore his (supposed) inability to undertake adequate research. Look who’s talking! I can prove that Kissoon is a farce where research and veritable journalism is concerned!

Guyana should be proud of the brilliant 17-year-old Mikel Puran who wrote such a compelling and eloquent letter. He is articulate and erudite, and I hope one day the likes of Mikel lead our country to progress and understanding.

Yours truly,

Devanand Bhagwan

Brampton, ON