Known criminal stabbed to death during alleged home invasion

Thirty-one-year-old Christopher Gonsalves, called “White Boy”, of Independence Boulevard, Albouystown, Georgetown, was on Monday evening stabbed to death during an alleged home invasion.
Gonsalves is a known criminal, having previously been charged with a series of offences, ranging from burglary to drug trafficking. He was stabbed to death by two males who are presently hospitalised under Police guard.

Dead: Christopher Gonsalves

The incident occurred at around 23:30h at a property located at Chalmers Place and Brickdam, Stabroek, Georgetown.

According to the Police, one of the suspects was at home watching television when he was alerted by a scream coming from the bedroom, which caused him to investigate.
In so doing, he confronted Gonsalves in the kitchen, and a scuffle ensued. Police detailed that the intruder was armed with a knife, which he used to stab the man to his chest, causing him to collapse.
According to the other suspect, he returned home at the time the commotion was ongoing, and as he entered the house, he saw his colleague lying on the kitchen floor and the intruder standing over him with a knife.
As such, he armed himself with a knife and confronted the intruder. And in the ensuing scuffle, the intruder was stabbed to his upper right shoulder, lower left abdomen, and thrice to his back, causing him to collapse on the kitchen floor.
This suspect then raised an alarm, and an EMT from Alberttown Fire Station responded. EMT examined Gonsalves and pronounced him dead.
The first suspect received injuries to his upper chest, left and right index fingers, and right arm, while the second suspect received injuries to his right knuckles.
They were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital by the EMT, where they are presently seeking medical attention.
Gonsalves is no stranger to the law, he had a prior criminal history, having been sentenced to eight months in jail in 2022 for breaking into an apartment and stealing valuable items. At the time, he claimed to be under the influence of alcohol.