Lake Mainstay to host 8th annual Regatta and Stage Show on August 12

The Lake Mainstay Resort is doing it once again this summer thus giving patrons an experience of a lifetime. Yes, we are talking about the exciting regatta, which is slated for Sunday, August 12 at the magnificent freshwater lake.
This year, more action has been added to the day’s activities to cater for the motor-racing lovers. Over $3 million are up for grabs in several categories. These include the 15-, 40-, 90-, and 200-horsepower (HP) races and the Open race. All the categories will be opened to both males and females.
In addition, there will be the 200-metre male and female canoe races, but be sure to walk with that hot swimwear if you want to participate in the 200m Open swimming race.
However, there will be a memorial race in the 90-HP category in honour of Orin Belle, who lost his life a few years ago at the resort. As the sun sets, the entertainment will kick start. This year, the local artistes will take centre stage.
Those slated to perform live for their fans are the versatile Yoland Nedd out of the Shakti Strings Orchestra, former Chutney Monarch Vanita Willie, Berbice singing sensation Vicadi, Kadi Kish and for the first time, there will be the Calibro Band, who will be performing some fine Brazilian music.
As usual, the emcee for the day will be Lyndon “Jumbie” Jones and the deejays, from the Pream’s Mega Sounds.
There will also be a children’s fun park comprising a merry-go-round, trampoline and bouncy castle. Food will not be a problem since there will be a food court with various dishes and if you did not get what you wanted, then the Lake Mainstay Resort can prepare it in a jiffy.
If you are coming to party, then there will be several beverage bars, including Banks Beer, Stag Beer and Xtra Beers.
Admission to the Lake Mainstay eighth annual Regatta is $1000 for adults and children $500. Patrons without a ticket will pay more at the door. Gates will be opened from 09:00h, with the first race getting underway at 11:00h.