Legislation, better systems needed to mitigate threats posed by AI – Pres Ali

…as AI expo to be held in Guyana in November

While the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are well documented, so too are its threats. According to President Dr Irfaan Ali, legislation and a robust system are needed to withstand these threats.
On Monday, President Dr Irfaan Ali addressed a congregation of Seventh Day Adventists, from the South Asian Religions Annual Leadership Development Conference. During his address, he spoke of leadership in the context of the modern world… a world where Artificial Intelligence is playing an increasing role.
“I told some very young persons just recently, that when I look at artificial intelligence, AI, and the direction its going in, I’m really very sorry for political leaders coming 10 years from now,” President Ali said.

President Dr Irfaan Ali while addressing the SDA congregation

“Because it is going to be a completely different world. If you don’t have proper legislation and if we don’t build an environment that is robust enough to withstand what AI can do, it can be very challenging for leaders across the world.”
The President noted that in this complex world, the leadership of the church has to be adaptable and flexible. At the same time, the church’s leadership should also be shaped by the principles and foundational beliefs it was founded on. Hence, there is a need for a balance.
“What is the bridge to humanness? People who don’t believe in religion would tell you religion is the root cause of every conflict. And this is the truth. We must examine that statement, because that is a view out there. Religion is the root cause of every conflict. Let us examine that view and let us examine the fact that religion, is a bridge to humanness,” the President further said.
The Government has been making steps to prepare the population for AI, with an agreement being signed for over 100,000 school children to be trained in coding by the United Arab Emirates.

AI conference
Meanwhile, an AI and tech expo is planned for Guyana on November 24 themed “Democratising AI” at the Marriott Hotel. During the launch of the expo, attendees will be able to interact with AI innovations capable of redefining the technology landscape.

TrueSelph co-founder Eldon Marks (standing)

According to a statement from SocialRank Media on behalf of the organisers of the event, the expo will be used as a platform to launch the “TrueSelph” AI product, something they said would be “globally applicable” and “redefine the AI landscape”.
“Following the grand unveiling, attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a one-of-a-kind expo experience. The event will transform into an expo-style spectacle, offering attendees a chance to interact with AI innovations at their respective “engagement stations”, the organisers explained.
The statement also contained a quote from the Founding Director of tech company V75 and the co-founder of TrueSelph, Eldon Marks, who explained that that one of the aims of the expo is to ensure AI is accessible to more people.
“The AI-4D showcase is not just an event, it’s a movement. We are on a mission to ensure that AI becomes a force for good, accessible to all and a catalyst for positive change in Guyana and beyond. TrueSelph, along with the other remarkable AI innovations we’re showcasing, represents the future we’re building together,” Marks was quoted saying. (G3)