New $95M wing commissioned at The Bishops’ High

…more students to be accommodated with expansion

The Education Ministry on Monday commissioned the Mrs Maureen Massiah Wing at The Bishops’ High School, opening opportunities for more students to be accommodated at the national school.
Before the expansion, the BHS was only functioning with three classrooms per grade. Now, eight additional classrooms, one laboratory, and a space for children to congregate in a conducive environment has been created from the $95 million project.
It will see more students being afforded a place at The Bishops’ High after writing the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA).
Education Minister Priya Manickchand said the education sector is operating in a different period, especially since the uncertain times of COVID in 2020. Limitations have existed with the number of seats at the national schools and with remedying this, efforts commenced that every secondary school offers education of high quality.

Minister Priya Manickchand joined by students and other officials for the ribbon-cutting ceremony

“It was to ensure that the schools where we were sure performance was high, that we could expand the opportunity and offer more students that opportunity. We immediately started looking at the five national schools…I was surprised myself that The Bishops’ High was only accommodating three classrooms and I thought too much had been invested in this school by the Government as well as people that had passed through the school,” Manickchand noted.
In the first quarter of 2021, a site visit laid the groundwork for this project to materialise. Later in 2022, a $95.4 million contract was signed, and earmarked to be completed in 11 months.
“We ensured that we gave the school a place where children can congregate and learn each other better, and take away better experiences from the school. We have created a space consciously to allow for a better possibility, a higher possibility for that to happen.”
She has pledged full support in the area of resources and the teaching complement but also drew focus on the expectation that students will perform to their best ability.
The subject Minister pledged, “You’re going to get all the resources, a fully-staffed school and all the peripheries you need, including landscaping done. But you have a duty as children to use these resources to become the best version of yourselves.”

Celebrating growth
The Bishops’ High School was founded in 1870 by the Anglican Church as an all-girls school. It opened with 20 non-resident students.
In 1875, it was merged with the De Saffon School. The school was first housed at Brickdam and Manget Place. It changed locations several times over the years and in 1921, it moved to its present site, Carmichael and Quamina Streets, Georgetown.

The new Maureen Massiah wing at The Bishops’ High School

In the early 1900s, the institution received co-operation of many, most notably from three Bishops – Reverend William Piercy Austin, Bishop Edward Archibald Parry, and Bishop Oswald Parry. The school was eventually named after Bishop Edward Archibald Parry and Bishop Oswald Parry in recognition of their service. In 1942, ownership of the school was transferred to the Government.
Chairman of the Board of Governors, Kosi John lauded the Education Ministry for this investment, since it signals their commitment to the sector and the quality of education delivered to students.
John positioned, “We’re here to recognise and celebrate growth. I am happy to say that the Ministry of Education has recognised not just the importance of growth but the importance of education. We’re grateful.”
The new wing is named after Maureen Massiah, one of the most influential and longstanding principals of the schools.
Speaking during the ceremony, the retired Head Teacher expressed, “I enjoyed every moment, every year of my service at The Bishops’ High. There were trials but that goes with the territory. It was really good to serve at this school and today, I consider it a distinct privilege and honour to have recognition of my service here at this illustrious institution.”
Expansions were also previously announced for Queen’s College, St Stanislaus College, St Roses High and the St Joseph High School. The expansion of Queen’s College comes at a cost of $103.5 million. (G12)