Leo Romalho wins latest GuyanaNRA Record Shoot

Setting the bar and the standard, Leo Romalho, with an aggregate of 118 points and 6 V-bulls, won the latest round of the Guyana National Rifle Association’s (GNRA’s) Record Shoot held on Sunday last at the Timehri Rifle Ranges at Yarrowkabra, Linden-Soesdyke Highway.
In the last record shoot, in April 2019, Romalho had to settle for bronze as he ended on a total aggregate of 95.6 Vs, being ousted by veteran marksman Ransford Goodluck; who had tallied scores of 97.8 out of 100, with scores of 49.4Vs at the 300 yards, and 48 with similar Vs at the 600 yards.
Romalho had rivalled Goodluck, but had lost 4 points in the 300-yard range to end with 46.2 V, as compared to Goodluck’s 49.2.
This time the script was flipped, as Romalho became one of two shooters who recorded possible on the day, both at the 600 yards range. He shot 35.3 with Peter Persaud, who has been turning in good scores consistently, topping Romalho by a single Vbull after he had shot a possible. At 300 yards, Romalho had a score of 49.1, with his 34.2 at the 500 yards’ range propelling him to an Aggregate score for the day of 118.6, just two off a perfect score.
Persaud (2nd overall) won the 300 range with a score of 49.3, while Lennox Braithwaite (3rd overall) topped the 500 yards’ range with 34.3, one Vbull better than Roberto Tiwari.
Dane Blair, lone ‘O Class’ shooter on the day, recorded an aggregate score of 101.2.

The scores for the day were as follows:
Name 300 500 600 Aggregate
Leo Romalho 49.1 34.2 35.3 118.6
Peter Persaud 49.3 32.3 35.4 116.10
Lennox Braithwaite 48.2 34.3 33.4 115.9
Dylan Fields 45.3 32.3 32.3 109.9
Ransford Goodluck 46.2 30.1 32.2 108.5
Roberto Tewari 44.1 34.2 30 108.3
O Class- Dane Blair 41.2 31 29 101.2