Let us exercise the true meaning of the Five Cs of driving

Dear Editor,
It’s clear that the Five Cs of driving: care, caution, consideration, common sense & courtesy on our roadways, have been replaced with a new set of Cs: carelessness, caustic, contentious, callousness & cuss-out.
As a driver, the lawlessness on our roadways seems to have neither limit nor boundary, as per the following examples:
– Minibus drivers will overtake or undertake your vehicle to either drop off or pick up a passenger.
– Hire car drivers are always in a rush, and speeding.
– Sand truck drivers are vying to break the minibus drivers’ record of trips with speeding.
– At the traffic lights, if you stop at the red light and are awaiting the green light, the driver of the vehicle behind you would start to blow his or her horn, indicating that you must start driving.
– Guyanese have become impulsive high-beam lights’ drivers, seldom dipping to low-beam lights.
– Some drivers have disco lights at the front of their vehicles.
It is time for the relevant authorities to take action to correct these anomalies for the proper and safe use of our roadways. As citizens of a developing country, we need to be more responsible on our roadways; and when we break the law, we should stop calling people in high office to seek cover or recourse to the traffic offence.

Truly yours,
Paul Ramrattan